What you Should Know About Lexus Cars Before Buying

Lexus launched in the United States in 1989 with the aim of designing a luxury car that would compete well with other luxury vehicles manufactured in the United States. The Toyota Motor Company brand first luxury car was LS 400. The Japanese car company manufactured the first sports utility vehicle (SUV) in 1996 and the first hybrid in 2005. The brand has continued to expand immensely registering their presence in over 50 countries all over the world.

Features of the Cars

The Japanese car brand is renowned for their high level of customer service and overreliance on the comfort other than the performance of the vehicles. The incorporation of the latest technological trends during the designs of the cars is also amazing. Some of the advancements found on the modern vehicles include the haptic, touch-based feedback system and the eight-speed automatic transmission on the LS. The brand was also the first to include a surround audio system on the wheels of their Mark Levinson.

Car Types

Lexus is one of the largest luxury car sellers in the United States and Canada providing a broad range of vehicles from cars to crossovers and sport utility vehicles. The vehicles have varying sizes, styles, and features. The common models that you will find in most car dealerships in Canada include sedans, convertibles, SUVs and the hybrids. There are also 13 different in the Japanese car brand including the IS, GS, ES, LS, which are sedans and IS C which is a convertible. RX, LX, GX consists of SUVs while the hybrids include the CT Hybrid, RX Hybrid, GS Hybrid, ES hybrid and the LS hybrid.

Why the Brand

New car prices vary across models with their prices starting at $33,020 to $77,000. There are growing numbers of hybrid car users due to its silence and the zero emissions. The hybrids and SUVs can generate power while you are driving to recharge the battery. Lexus also has a plant in Ontario, Canada that manufactures the RX, the best-selling SUV in the country. The car company built the plant in 2003, which became the first plant outside Japan.


Lexus car leasing service is also available in most car dealerships for anyone who wants a luxurious ride for a specified period. The SUVs and the hybrid can have a high-cost, meaning that most people cannot purchase them directly hence choosing leasing as the best option. The car has received numerous honors and awards following their excellent performance, so you can never go wrong with purchasing/ leasing the vehicle.